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As the name suggests Dance Originals is a base for every kind of urban dancer, no matter if choreography or freestyle. 

We made our first steps in organizing workshops in 2013. During this events we saw how strong dance can connect people.

So we continued and prepared a „European Tour“ with the well known choreographers Scott Forsyth and Duc Anh Tran. We travelled around 6000km through four countries in two weeks. So many different people shared the same passion in around 20 classes. This motivated us to move on and dare to do it even bigger. That’s when Dance Originals was officialy estimated.

In 2016 it was time for step three. The European Allstar Camp was born in Augsburg, Germany. Around 150 students took part and made this unique event worth it. 

And again we started to ask ourselves what the next step would be. How can we give back all the love and positivity? How can we share knowledge without borders? We wanted to grow as a whole scene and not as two seperate styles or types in one sport and way of life. So we went online in May, 2017 for a special step in our history.

This plattform offers you a new range of battles, workshops, camps, contests and a lot more. All combined at the same place. You don’t have to decide. You can choose both and grow as a dancer in more different ways! Additionaly the Dance Originals Blog gives you deep insights on big events, winners of battles and competitions and struggles as a dancer. Also free basic tutorials will be available for a faster improvement and background knowledge.

We are proud and happy to give back something to the comunity we grew up in. Now it’s about to change the game and you can be a part of it! Learn, improve, stay up to date and the most important: be patient. All good things need time. Don’t expect too much, just try to be better as yesterday. That is our motivation and way of life! This and a lot more we want to share with all of you at the same time.