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CJ Salvador

2 Classes (Regular)

  • only early or late package possible (1 class CJ, 1 class Linus)

4 Classes (Regular)

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New Year, New Workshops, Register NOW!

We are back again with two completely new faces for 2019’s first workshop event! We are super excited and thankful, having this special dancers in Augsburg, Germany fort he first time.

Let us introduce you CJ Salvador and Linus von Stumberg!

Straight outta Los Angeles, CJ Salvador is one of the most famous dancers on this planet right now and also an awsome teacher. His unique style and choreographies made him to one of the biggest names in scene. We asked for CJ earlier last year, but due to the Justin Bieber Tour, where he was one of his dancers, he wasn’t able to share at European Allstar Camp 2018.
As we heard he is planing a European Tour in March, we had to bring him out for sure!

Our second coach of this event is Linus von Stumberg. This guy is coming from Switzerland, is 22 years old and one of the names you have to watch in the next years. He is Mr. Creativity in person. More then a newcomer, he already taught at several well known international studios and dancecamps. Here are a few of them: Urban Dance Camp, Kinjaz Dojo, Snowglobe Perspective. Experience and the age are two completely different things. Linus has a lot to share, we saw it, we lived it and for sure we loved it!


2 Classes (early)2 Classes (late)4 Classes


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